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!Hubzilla Development
Hubzilla has a different purpose, but don't you think this might be a good chance for the project?

Open Book Challenge


At the end of 60 days, we will offer seven teams to join our Incubator, invest $100,000 in each and host them for our 12-week incubator, which will start at our Angel Summit in July.
"If you have to give your life away, you are the product" is more accurate, but it lacks that sting.
With your skills and with ZOT I bet most of you guys could set up a distributed facebook alternative in a day :D
I thought the ZOT universe could benefit from this competition in terms of visibility and even money, although the competition itself doesn't make much sense!

Big hugs and thanks for the commitment and the passion you put in the Hubzilla project every day <3
It seems like all that's really needed is a few well funded and promoted hubs
that could take the influx of thousands of people.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Hello hubzillians!
After upgrading to hubzilla 3+ evey time I browse a page on my hub I get a "Not found" (Non trovato) error message on screen (see attached image).

I activated logging and this is what I get:
2018-01-18T09:54:57Z:LOG_INFO:uioitpskcoi5ob71j167u58ic1:Directory.php:484:getDir: GetDir: /
2018-01-18T09:54:57Z:LOG_INFO:uioitpskcoi5ob71j167u58ic1:Directory.php:484:getDir: GetDir: /cloud
2018-01-18T09:54:57Z:LOG_INFO:uioitpskcoi5ob71j167u58ic1:Directory.php:484:getDir: GetDir: wave
2018-01-18T09:54:57Z:LOG_INFO:uioitpskcoi5ob71j167u58ic1:Directory.php:852:FileData: not found wave/public

But I actually have a "public" directory under "wave" directory!
There is also a strange 0 bytes file called "wave" too... I tried to delete or replace it with no luck. I suppose it's a part of the problem.
Any tips on how to stop this annoying message?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Paolo! Did you check operating system permissions for those files? They should be read+write for the webserver user.
File storage is not plainly accessible on disk, if I'm not wrong. It's encrypted. Anyway all files have the same permissions on my install :(
Might help to know how you upgraded - via git pull or file copy. In any event the 'store/wave' directory holds the disk images of the files and this seems to have lost its association with the DB metadata for those files. The names are encrypted on disk but I suspect that since you're having this issue at the top level, you may have upgraded by file copy instead of git and the original files are probably intact in the previous location - otherwise I hope you have them available in backups if the directory was overwritten during the upgrade.

If you upgraded via git I don't know what might have happened but short story is you may need to manually repair in that case. The 'attach' structures in the DB each have an attach.hash and this corresponds to the obscured filename.

attach.content additionally points to where in store/wave the file is expected to be found. It's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle but the information is there to re-assemble the store/wave directory and make it match what the DB wants to see - assuming you haven't done anything catastrophic with the original files.
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I wish there were some non-apple based solution for this. But at least now I have a good starting point for a silent party in the woods without impacting the environment.

The Do It Yourself Silent Disco


I promised some DIY projects on here but have yet to deliver. So here we are. This is your only warning, this is a nerd heavy wall of text. Bail now or be prepared to be bored to death! If … Read More
Maybe cool with your earphones on, but I bet it gets weird if you just take them off and look around :)
Right, but I love weird situations <3
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Is anyone here selling bitcoins?
I've got some milk chocolate bitcoins. $5 for a bag of twenty.

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La gran voce mi uccide
sotto i raggi del sole
le risa costan poco
la violenza è facile

Disse: "Ecco il soggiorno,
il trucco, le armi,
la mia verità"
"Potrai star con me di nuovo
quando me la sentirò"

Savage, Savage, tu... Savage.

Disse: "Ho questa infelicità
da indossare al collo"
"Un gioiello grazioso che mostra
quel che so difendere"

Disse: "Tutto è una finzione
ogni anima è cinica"
"Non chiedermi di star con te
Non cercare casa mia"

Savage - Avant garde masterpiece

La fine e l'inizio

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Il mio esercizio di oggi. Scegliere una foto che rappresenti bene tutta la mia storia.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hi all,
I've been making many many tests for crossposting from hubzilla to wordpress. But I can't seem to be able to correctly use wppost addon.

Crossposting to twitter works, so there shouldn't be privacy issues on hubzilla side. But every time I try to post, the delivery report shows a "connection or authentication failure" for Wordpress.

The credentials (username & password) are exactly those I use for logging in on wordpress. I also used email & password, but I couldn't see any difference. Besides, I'm sure the xmlrpc.php URL is correct, because if I call it from the browser bar I get a "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only." So it's there!

I installed a xmlrpc logger on wordpress side, but it's always empty.
I really have no clue and I hate to ask here... but I hope someone can help me to find a simple solution :P
Thank you

P.S. I also made a test opening a blog on website, instead of installing it myself, but crossposting still doesn't work and I get the same message on the delivery report.
Thank you, I'll keep trying to find out what I'm doing wrong with my self hosted install. By the way, posting from WP to Hubzilla seems to work fine.
If the logs cannot tell you what is going on, perhaps you need to use something like Wireshark to inspect the packets?
The plugin also has a bit more logging now. Crank it up to LOGGER_ALL.
"Ma siccome le persone non vogliono essere giudicate per quello che sono ma per quello che sembrano..."
il brutto è quando queste persone credono di essere quello che sembrano e non quello che sono...
Credo che sia un virus a cui nessuno è immune :) Ma si può guarire
il dottore dice che eliminare gi account di facebook twitter e compagnia bella aiuta parecchio contro il virus :-D
Ok, my Tai Chi Chuan phase has definitely gone. Even though I'm 44 I feel an urge to go back to boxing or kickboxing or even wrestling greco-roman (I've never tried this one). I suppose at this age they wouldn't be a good choice for my body, so I'm still pondering. But I definitely need to let my energy go :)
il mio voto tra i 3 : kickboxing.  ;)
@giac hellvecio I'm really considering that as a first choice, but I will go to a gym having a boxing course too, so it would be easy to switch if I change my mind.
Do you know the Brazilian Ju Jitsu is also popular here? I wouldn't mind, but at the moment I don't feel like wearing a kimono when training :P
io ho sempre preferito i colpi alla lotta ravvicinata corpo a corpo, per es. preferisco  karate  o kung fu allo judo , per dirla in maniera molto semplice, anche se poi uno non esclude completamente l'altro ;-)