@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hi all,
I've been making many many tests for crossposting from hubzilla to wordpress. But I can't seem to be able to correctly use wppost addon.

Crossposting to twitter works, so there shouldn't be privacy issues on hubzilla side. But every time I try to post, the delivery report shows a "connection or authentication failure" for Wordpress.

The credentials (username & password) are exactly those I use for logging in on wordpress. I also used email & password, but I couldn't see any difference. Besides, I'm sure the xmlrpc.php URL is correct, because if I call it from the browser bar I get a "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only." So it's there!

I installed a xmlrpc logger on wordpress side, but it's always empty.
I really have no clue and I hate to ask here... but I hope someone can help me to find a simple solution :P
Thank you

P.S. I also made a test opening a blog on website, instead of installing it myself, but crossposting still doesn't work and I get the same message on the delivery report.
Thank you, I'll keep trying to find out what I'm doing wrong with my self hosted install. By the way, posting from WP to Hubzilla seems to work fine.
If the logs cannot tell you what is going on, perhaps you need to use something like Wireshark to inspect the packets?
The plugin also has a bit more logging now. Crank it up to LOGGER_ALL.